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Tree Line Capital Partners

is a private credit asset management firm focused on direct lending to the lower middle-market. The firm provides first lien term loans, unitranche term loans and equity co-investments to predominantly lower middle-market companies in North America. We have provided over $2.5B in commitments to 179 companies for acquisitions, recapitalizations, refinancings, expansion projects and other growth capital needs. Tree Line’s team has extensive direct lending experience spanning multiple economic cycles and has generated significant repeat investment opportunities from the private equity community through reliable execution coupled with a direct relationship approach.

Tree Line’s investment philosophy and portfolio construction are designed to combine current yield with discipline and withstand unforeseen events. We aim to deliver investors consistent yield and return through all phases of a cycle. We have capitalized on a niche investment strategy that is addressing a proliferation of lower middle-market private equity growth.

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August 2021

Agent & Sole Lender

Revolver & First Lien Term Loan

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July 2021

Agent & Lead Arranger

Revolver & Unitranche Term Loan


July 2021

Agent & Lead Arranger

Revolver, First Lien Term Loan, & Equity Co-investment

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June 2021

Agent & Sole Lender

First Lien Term Loan

Atlantic Energy
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May 2021

Agent & Lender


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May 2021

Agent & Sole Lender

First Lien Term Loan and Revolver

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May 2021

Agent & Sole Lender

First Lien Term Loan & Revolver

Granite River Labs
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April 2021

Agent & Lead Arranger

Unitranche Term Loan & Revolver

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Spotlights & Insights

A summary of Tree Line’s lower middle market activity, research and highlights. Having been credit investors through multiple cycles we have a unique appreciation for market trends and strategies that at times contrasts with the norm. Our data driven process and commitment to research reveals valuable information for our partners.